Google Adsence Calculator 2019

how much traffic and pageviews you need to make a decent living with Google Adsence

How much you want to earn, daily, monthly..

Your average cost per click.

Your average page ad click through rate.

Your average pageviews per session.

Your percentage of visitors without ad blocking software.
You can assume between 55% and 75%.

Explain the term

- CPC: cost per click, the amount you earn each time a user clicks to ad-unit on your site/app.

- CTR: click through rate, the ratio between number of pageviews and number of click on ad-units.

- PVPS: pageviews per session, or pageviews per visitor. PVPS is displayed as an average, which is calculated by dividing the total number of pageviews by the total number of sessions.

- WAS: Percentage of visitors without ad blocking software. You earn zero if your ads ain't display.