Strong Password Generator

random, strong, unique password generator with one click

Integer, length of password.

Put numbers in password.

Put symbols in password.

Use uppercase letters in password.

Use similar chars, like 'i' and 'l', 'o', '0'..

What is a strong password?

A password that is hard to detect by computers or humans.

How to make password stronger?

- Avoid to using obvious passwords such as your birthday, name of your hometown, your phone number, etc..

- Use large numbers of random characters.

- Mix numbers, lowercase, uppercase letters and special characters.

How to remember complicated passwords?

You don't need to remember. Modern browsers like Chrome or Safari have built-in passwords management features. And it's convenient that they can be synchronized between multiple devices safely.

Do you store the generated passwords here?

No! The password is generated at your browser and we don't store anything.