UUID Multi Versions Generator

uuid generator and download, single or multi uuids using v1, v3, v4, v5

What is UUID?

An UUID is a 128 bits number that will universally unique identify something.

What are the different versions UUID?

- Version 1: stuffs MAC address, datetime into 128 bits.

- Version 3: stuffs MD5 hash into 128 bits.

- Version 4: stuffs random data into 128 bits.

- Version 5: stuffs SHA1 hash into 128 bits.

* In version 3 and version 5, additional arguments namespace and name have to be given.

When to use UUID?

- You want something unique across applications.

- You don't want to control the identity of records.https://yourdomain.com/invoice/0a82fe86-ed71-4af5-b9aa-7760fb1a5287 make sence.

- To avoid unnecessary call to an external system, for example high throughput message broker like RabbitMQ, Kafka asking Database for an identifier every time it publishes a message.

Disadvantages of UUID?

- Larger space use.

- Can't sort by insert order.

- Look ugly in url.